Spring Idioms | Redewendungen rund um das Thema „Frühling“

Mit der heutigen Infografik lernst du 10 idiomatische Redewendungen, in denen sich alles um den Frühling dreht.

Entdeckt habe ich das Ganze bei Macmillan:

Spring Idioms:

spring into action

… used for saying that something is done quickly and with energy or force

under the sun

… used for emphasizing that something includes a very wide range of things

a happy bunny

… someone who is satisfied with a situation

no spring chicken

… someone who is rather old

a busy bee

… someone who is always busy

a good egg

… a good or reliable person

put all your eggs in one basket

… to depend completely on just one plan so that you have no other possibilities if things go wrong

a spring in someone’s step

… used for saying that someone looks as if they are happy and full of energy

a black sheep

… somone who is not approved of by their family or group because they are thought to behave badly

the grass is greener on the other side

… life seems better somewhere else

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