English idioms for being happy / unhappy / pleased

Heute schauen wir uns mal wieder Redewendungen an. Genauer gesagt geht es um Slangausdrücke, die Synonyme darstellen für:

» to be very pleased
» to be extremely happy
» to be unhappy / to feel depressed

to be very pleased …

to be blown away

… to be impressed or excited by something

„I was blown away by how good this movie was!“

to be over the moon

… to be very pleased

„I’m over the moon about the way things have worked out.“

to be thrilled to bits

… extremely pleased

„She was thrilled to bits with her present.“

to be extremely happy …

to be happy as Larry

… very happy / to be overjoyed about a stroke of good luck

„Give me a beautiful beach and I’m as happy as Larry.“

to be (as) happy as a sandboy

… to be extremely happy and content

„I was as happy as a sandboy when I found out I’d gotten an A on my last exam.“

to be happy as a clam

… to be extremely happy

„Everything in my life seems to be going great; I’m happy as a clam.“

to be happy as a clam at high tide / at high water

This is the full phrase of ‚to be happy as a clam‘.

to be on cloud nine

… to be extremely happy and excited

„Was she pleased about getting the job?“ – „Pleased? She was on cloud nine!“

to be unhappy / to feel depressed

to be down in the dumps

… to be unhappy or sad

„She’s a bit down in the dumps because she failed one of her exams.“

to feel down in the dumps

Instead of „to be down in the dumps“ you could also say „to feel down in the dumps“

to be down in the mouth

… to be unhappy or sad

„After a date like that, anyone would be down in the mouth.“

to be in the doldrums

… to be sad, depressed and with no energy or enthusiasm

„He is in the doldrums for most of every winter.“


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